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Nanjing epidemic prevention materials exhibition

Author:Jacky Chen Click: Time:2020-07-01 11:05:37 From:原创

The three-day exhibition of anti epidemic materials in Nanjing ended in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Under the leadership of Mr. Chen, the sales manager of our company, during the meeting, we showed our competitive products "wireless handheld color Doppler ultrasound" and "SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit" to customers from all over the country.

The two products that we participated in the exhibition conform to the needs of the times, highlight the strong momentum of our company in the research and development of new products and the application of new technologies, and enhance the company's image and popularity. Now our company has 20 years of successful experience in in vitro diagnostic reagents. First, we developed a new test kit for screening new high quality crowns and a cost-effective detection kit. We also obtained various domestic and international qualifications, including the CE certification of the European Union and the "new list of anti epidemic enterprises list" approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, the US FDA, Peru administration. Government registration and filing. It has contributed a little to the fight against the new epidemic. 

Our "wireless handheld ultrasound" is a high-tech product in the forefront of the times. It optimizes the traditional large-scale ultrasonic equipment into a small, portable "handheld product" It has the characteristics of wireless transmission, multi platform display, convenient operation and flexible use. It is widely used in isolation ward of hospital, farmers and herdsmen in villages and towns, field and sports field.

Customers have a strong interest in our two products, detailed inquiry of all aspects of the product information, both sides exchanged contact information. This time, we have distributed nearly 1000 copies of product information and received more than 100 interested customers. We are looking forward to substantial cooperation in the coming days.

Nanjing epidemic prevention materials exhibition
From June 27 to 29, Nanjing epidemic prevention materials exhibition made gratifying achievements.
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